Our Facilities

We are strongly committed to our customers and our future and are constantly investing in our staff, facilities, equipment and training to ensure that we remain highly skilled in our field. Our technicians ensure your vehicle is repaired to the same standards at which your car was originally designed.
Both our workshops and paint shop are highly equipped. In addition to our Spray Booth Oven, we also have a Rapid Match X spectrophotometer which is an essential tool for all refinishers to enable perfect colour matching. This machine is capable of taking readings of the colour of a vehicle from three different angles, and when linked to the matching software, delivers an accurate colour matching formula.

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Rapid Match X5

We can match the colour of any car with the Rapid Match X5 the most efficient and productive colour-matching system on the market. The Rapid Match X5 spectrophotometer measures the colour of the car and when linked to the PPG Touch Mix System the closest matching formula will be presented.
 We use only Envirobase Paints, these are water based environmentally friendly and EPA approved paints.

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